Links: Success over the Internet

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The Internet links below provide additional online resources to support the textbooks written by Dr. Fralick:

Understanding Motivation

Career Success
Exploring Your Personality and Major

Exploring Multiple Intelligences, Interests, and Values, Career Decision Making

Planning Your Career and Education, Updated Job Search Strategies
Career Research

STEM Careers
Majors (What can I do with a major in ___?)
Future Trends
Resume and Cover Letter Templates
Personal Branding
Decision Making
Looking for a Job

College Success
Managing Time and Money

Using Brain Science to Improve Memory and Study Skills

Stress, Relaxation, Sleep, and Mental Health

Improving Memory and Reading

Taking Notes, Writing and Speaking

Test Taking 

Lifelong Success
Communication and Relationships

Thinking Critically and Creatively

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Appreciating Diversity

Looking Toward the Future