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Understanding Motivation/Getting Started
Career Success
Exploring Your Personality and Major 
Multiple Intelligences, Interests, and Values
Planning Your Career and Education
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Managing Time and Money
Brain Science, Memory and Study Skills
Taking Notes, Writing and Speaking
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Thinking Critically and Creatively
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Thinking Positively about the Future

Native American Videos (for Native American College and Career Success)

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Understanding Motivation/Getting Started/Creating Your Future


Start with Why (3.39 Minutes)The recipe for success begins with asking, "Why?" What is your purpose, cause or belief? The answer provides motivation for success.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action (18 Minutes)
This Ted Talk expands on the short video above. It helps people to understand the importance of understanding the "why", purpose, cause, or belief in order to inspire action. The key idea is that there are leaders and those who lead. Leaders hold a position of power and authority. Those who lead inspire us. This video would be useful for faculty professional development to explore how to inspire students to be successful by understanding purpose.

Before You Give Up, Watch This (3 minutes)
You have to put in the work to accomplish your dreams.

The Mindset Kit
The Mindset Kit is a set of free online lessons about mindset. Optics include:
About Mindset
Teaching a Growth Mindset
Celebrate Mistakes
Assessments for Growth Mindsets
Math- Give Tasks that Promote Struggle and Growth

Additional resources are included.

Laser Flip Triple Set Battle (5.30 minutes)
In this video, a skateboarder shows true grit in learning a skateboard trick. It can be the beginning of a discussion on grit and how it could be used to be successful in college or any other challenging task.

The Most Motivating 8 Minutes of Your Life (8.11 minutes)
This video features 8 minutes of famous movie clips on motivation.  Movies include: The Pursuit of Happiness, Friday Night Lights, and Mr. Holland's Opus.  It is a good summary or introduction to the topic of motivation.

Be Fearless (The Greatest Motivational Ever) (8.55 minutes)
Success is possible if you are not afraid to take risks and keep trying. You determine your own fate. This video provides examples of people who became successful by putting in the effort and time needed to be successful.

The Key to Success? Grit (6.12 minutes)
Angela Duckworth describes her research on grit (perseverance and passion). This video is recommended for faculty.

Change your Mind in Just 2.50 Minutes (2.5 minutes)
This short inspirational video emphasizes positive thinking, persistence and using failure as a stepping stone to success.  The video is a good match for the "Keys to Success: Persistence" topic in Chapter 1. 

Academic Culture Shock  (4.48 minutes)
What is is like for first-generation students to attend college?  What are some strategies for success for these students.

The Squirrels
A baby squirrel tries to jump a wall to follow the mother squirrel, but fails repeatedly.  Some students help by putting a backpack in front of the wall and eventually the squirrel jumps over the wall.  It is a good introduction to the topic of persistence and facing roadblocks on the way to success.   

Climbing Mt. Everest
This 6 minute video follows Rex Pemberton to the top of Mt. Everest.  He is successful by using preparation, teamwork, relationships, a knowledge of culture, conquering fear and taking it one step at a time.  It is interesting to compare mountain climbing with college success. 

Success in 8 Words and 3 Minutes
Richard St. John completed over 500 interviews  of successful people gathering “words of wisdom.” He synthesized his findings into 8 traits to be successful including passion, work, focus, push, ideas, improve, serve and persist.  This video is a good introduction or summary of some main topics in the text. 

The Importance of Focus (5.55 minutes)
Richard St. John provides examples of how famous persons used focus and concentration to become successful.  He provides tips on improving concentration including dealing with technology.

Work Wins over Smarts (6.23 minutes)
Richard St. John explains why it is important to work hard to be successful.  He provides examples of successful people in business, science, sports and entertainment.  Talent is due to the time put into the task.   

The Nature of Success 
Here are the key ideas in this movie: believe in yourself, find your passion, pursue goals, take action, commit to excellence, live with integrity, seek peace, failure is an opportunity for learning, persevere.

Self-Control by Dan Ariely at TEDX (17 minutes)
This is a powerful video about the psychological aspects of learning to control yourself.  It is a little long for showing in a classroom.  I suggest it as a way for faculty to understand the concept.

What Is Your Purpose? Greatest Motivation by Les Brown and Eric Thomas  (8.38 minutes)
This video emphasizes that "You Matter" and "You all have a purpose." It has many examples from sports and would be a great video for motivating athletes to be successful in college and in life.

Exploring Your Personality and Major

Faking It: How Introverts Succeed
This new TED video is presented by Susan Cain, author of Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World That Won't Stop Talking.  Introverts often feel the need to pretend to be extroverts to be successful.  It is important for introverts to feel comfortable with who they are.  Several examples of famous introverts are provided. 

Multiple Intelligences, Interests and Values

Will Smith Shares His Secrets to Success (10 minutes)
This video relates to the Keys to Success in this chapter:  Create Your Success.  He says that everyone can be successful and stresses the importance of work ethic.  Studying and working hard are necessary to achieve success.  Success is built one step at a time much like building a brick wall.  He believes that anyone can create what they want in life.  The first step is to believe it.

Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences
This You Tube video gives examples of the different intelligences.

Multiple Intelligences (Howard Gardner's Theory) (4 min)
This Ted Ed video is a good introduction to the topic of multiple intelligences. It features a brief introduction by Howard Gardner and graphic examples of the different intelligences.

Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences (7 min)
This video features Howard Gardner explaining his theory of multiple intelligences. I recommend this for faculty professional development.  

Planning Your Career and Education

Start Your Career: LinkedIn for Students (1.34 minutes)
What can LinkedIn do for you
? Students can begin preparing for their career and finding a job after graduation by using LinkedIn. View a video about how LinkedIn can help and find information about these topics: Profile Checklist, Using LinkedIn to Find a Job or Internship, How to Network on LinkedIn, Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn, Finding Your Career Passion, Building a Professional Network, Researching and Prepping for Interviews

Steve Job's 2005 Stanford Commencement Address
This You Tube video is a powerful illustration of "Life is a Dangerous Opportunity."  It is about overcoming roadblocks and finding your passion in life.  

Think Outside Your Cubicle (4.31 minutes)
This is a good video to get across the idea that we now live in a world defined by change. When planning a career, it is important to be able to deal with constant change.  Careers and companies that exist today may not exist in the future and students need to prepare for new opportunities.   

Did you know? This is a powerful video showing how technology is changing the future and the world of work. 

What Will Future Jobs Look Like?  (14 min)
TED speaker Andrew McAfee describes the new age of technology in which androids will do most of the work.  This new machine age will result in many of the jobs we know today to become obsolete.  It also is an age of incredible new possibilities in which we are freed from drudgery and toil.  We must change education with an increased emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship to prepare students for the future. If you know the facts, you can take action. 

How to Write a Resume (2.17 minutes)
This You Tube Video uses humor to show the steps in writing a resume.   

How to Write a Cover Letter (2.12 minutes)
This You Tube Video shows examples and gives the steps for writing a cover letter.

Great Tips for Making Your Job Interview Count (6.22 minutes
This TED video suggests tips for interviewing including preparation, attire, being on time, greetings, handshakes, turning off your smart phone and writing a thank you note. 

Managing Time and Money

How to Stop Your Technology Addiction (5.15 minutes)
Students are often distracted by their phone, video games, and the Internet. These distractions contribute to procrastination. The video presents practical ideas for avoiding technology addition so that students can accomplish important goals.

The Mindset of High Achievers (13 minutes)
Every great accomplishment occurs one step at a time.

Lucy's Schedule (3 minutes)
This hilarious clip about Lucy using a time schedule is a great way to introduce the topic of time management. After the clip, discuss what works and what does not work in time management.

Work Smart: How to Write a To-Do List (2.28 minutes)
This You Tube Video provides a good overview of how to use a To-Do list effectively. 

Here are some short You Tube Videos on Procrastination.  Pick your favorite:

Three Powerful Techniques to Beat Procrastination 
How to Procrastinate Like a Pro
"Procrastination", Tales of Mere Existence 

Financial Literacy
Credit unions across the country provide free financial web based literacy training through a site,  They provide 5 modules on various money management topics.  Use the Solo version for college students.  There is also a version for high school students.  The modules are videos with current music in the background. 

Poetic Stickup: Put the Financial Aid in the Bag (5 minutes)
This TEDX video for education uses language, metaphor and imagery to advocate for using Financial Aid to increase college accessibility.  

Brain Science, Memory, and Study Skills

The Nine Best Scientific Study Tips (3.25 minutes) This video is a good overview of study tips based on brain science research. It is brief and practical.

Sorry You're Addicted to the Internet (2.27 minutes) This video explains how Internet addiction can cause problems with focus and memory.

Sleep to Remember, Remember to Sleep (6 minutes)
Sleep is needed to transfer material learned from short-term to long-term memory. This is a good video explaining how the memory works as well as the importance of sleep for brain function.

These videos are from the younger perspective and include using technology and cell phones as an aid to studying:

How to Study Effectively with 15 Study Tips, Better Grades, Better Results (2.58 minutes)

How to Get Straight A's! Study Tips (6.56 minutes)

Study Hacks! Get Better Grades 2015 (5.42 minutes) Challenge your students to discuss how this student uses multi-sensory integration. It includes an interesting example using gustatory senses for learning.

Father Guido Sarducci's 5 Minute University
 is a humorous video about how little we remember in college.

Optimize Your Brain Power 

Sleep to Remember, Remember to Sleep (6 minutes)
Sleep is needed to transfer material learned from short-term to long-term memory. This is a good video explaining how the memory works as well as the importance of sleep for brain function.

How to Make Stress Your Friend (11:25)
This TED Talk describes how changing how you think about stress can make you happier and healthier. Stress can be an energizer and improve performance. Thinking about stress in a positive way reduces physical stress symptoms. Build resilience through human connection. When you think of stress as helpful, you create the biology of courage.

Taking Notes, Writing and Speaking

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture (10 min)


This is a 10 minute version of Randy Pausch's last lecture, Achieving your Childhood Dreams.
It is a good sample lecture to use for note taking exercises and relates to the positive thinking and motivation themes in this text. If you would like a longer version, search for this title on YouTube.


Improving Cornell Notes with Sketchnoting (9 minutes)

This video is a clear and visual overview of Cornell Notes. The sketchnoting adds visual elements to reinforce memory. It adds some new and valuable tools to the standard Cornell Format.

5 Basic Public Speaking Tips (5 min)
This video produced by Toastmasters provides suggestions for making a great presentation including preparation, presentation, audience, location, dealing with mistakes, positive thinking, dealing with anxiety, and finding the passion to inspire and entertain others.  This is a short video that covers the basics of public speaking. The video is a good example of how to make a great presentation.

The Science of Stage Fright and How to Overcome It (4.08 minutes)
This TED talk explains the physiological reasons for stage fright and how to overcome them.  It is a good resource for the topic of public speaking.

Be a More Confident Public Speaker (4.39 minutes)
This lively video emphasizes preparation and gives tips for relaxing and engaging the audience.  

Cornell Notes Slideshow (43 seconds)
This You Tube Video contains a good sample of notes in the Cornell format in only 43 seconds.  The music will wake up your students.

How to Make a Mind Map (2.52 minutes)
This You Tube video has a colorful demonstration of how to make a mind map.

Note Taking: Online Success Video from Dartmouth College
It contains information on effectively recording information from classroom lectures.

The College Freshman Survival Guide: Plagiarism Pitfalls (5.15 minutes)
This video does a good job of defining plagiarism and gives students helpful hints on how to avoid it by using quotes and including the source of the information. Using a good quote can be a good way to strenghen a college paper. College faculty tell how they easily catch students who plagiarize material and emphasize that if you cheat, you will be caught.

"You Quote It, You Note It" is an interactive tutorial to help students understand plagiarism and how to properly quote materials.  Students begin by selecting an avatar which leads them through the steps of making proper citations and avoiding plagiarism: 

Learn about mind maps and watch a video by Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind maps.

Test Taking

The College Freshman Survival Guide: Making a Study Plan (3.45 minutes)
This video emphasizes studying a little at a time and setting specific objectives in order to avoid cramming. It has examples from students and faculty.

The College Freshman Survival Guide: Test Anxiety Solutions (3.41 minutes)
This video compares text preparation to learning sports or learning to play a musical instrument. Both require practice to be successful. Preparation, practice and positive thinking are emphasized.

 Walking through the Bamboo Forest: A Relaxation Exercise for Reducing Test Anxiety by Dr. Marsha Fralick
This 10 minute video used breathing, visualization and positive thoughts about test taking to help students with
test  preparation and reducing test anxiety. It is also available on You Tube 

Better Test Performance: Lessons from the Navy Seals This video discusses stress control techniques used by the Navy Seals which can be used to help students with test anxiety.  Topics include goal setting, mental rehearsal, self-talk and arousal control.  (3.25 minutes)   

 Communication and Relationships

Lessons from Auschwitz: The Power of Our Words (1.21 minutes)
This short animated Ted Talk video is about a sister who regretted her last words to her brother who was killed at Auschwitz.  She decided she would challenge herself never to say anything that couldn't stand as the last think she ever said.  It is a short video that reminds us that words are powerful, one of the themes in this chapter. 

Michael Jordan on Failure (31 seconds)
This short video relates to the Keys to Success in this chapter:  Failure is an Opportunity for Learning.  Michael Jordan has missed many shots in his life, but he keeps trying to be successful. 

Famous Failures (2.58 minutes)
This short video gives examples of famous people who have failed and then moved on to greatness.  The ending states that if you have not failed, you have not tried anything new.  

Finish Strong (3.04 minutes)  
You Tube Video features a man with no legs or arms who discusses what he does when he falls down.  It is a very moving story about dealing with life and never giving up.  It fits nicely with the Keys to Success topic in this chapter, Failure is an Opportunity for Learning.  

Thinking Critically and Creatively

5 Tips to Improve Your Critical Thinking (4.29 minutes) The five steps include formulating your question; gathering information; applying the information while considering the concepts, assumptions, and logic; considering the implications; and exploring other points of view. This is a quick and easy to understand overview of critical thinking.

Critical Thinking, Why Bother?  (2.20 minutes)
This You Tube Video gives a good overview of critical thinking.


Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Sleep to Remember, Remember to Sleep (6 minutes)
Sleep is needed to transfer material learned from short-term to long-term memory. This is a good video explaining how the memory works as well as the importance of sleep for brain function.

How to Make Stress Your Friend (11:25)
This TED Talk describes how changing how you think about stress can make you happier and healthier. Stress can be an energizer and improve performance. Thinking about stress in a positive way reduces physical stress symptoms. Build resilience through human connection. When you think of stress as helpful, you create the biology of courage.

Dove Evolution
This humorous You Tube video shows what happens when you drink too much. 

How to Make Stress Your Friend (13 minutes) is a 2013 TED talk that summarizes current research on stress.  The premise is that stress is not harmful if you think that it is helpful in meeting challenges.  If you change your thinking about stress, it becomes courage.  Also some of the hormones released as a result of stress can increase socialization.  It is helpful in asking for help and helping others.  You can stop this video in the middle and have the best part of it for classroom discussion.  

Appreciating Diversity

Should the Statues of Christopher Columbus Come Down? (4.29 minutes)
This video tells the Native American perspective for removing statues of Christopher Columbus.

A Look at Income Inequality in the US (3.6 minutes)
This video is a good graphic representation of income inequality from the 1960's to the present time.

The Disturbing History of the Suburbs (6.19 minutes)
This video explains the process of red-lining which has resulted in segregated schools, lack of school funding, and barriers to home ownership and wealth accumulation in red-lined communities.

The Dash
Hear Linda Ellis read the poem, "The Dash" on YouTube. It inspires students to think about what is truly important in life and to treat others with love and respect.

If the World Were 100 People (2.27 minutes)
This short video is a good summary of world population and presents a persuasive argument for promoting equality. It relates to the statistics on diversity presented in this chapter.

Diversity Through Unity: University of Toledo Diversity Week
This 9 minute video features diverse students describing their experiences and hopes for the future.  It is useful in starting a meaningful discussion on diversity.  Follow this video with these discussion questions suggested by Juan Lebron (Lone Star College):
Do you think you were raised with any prejudices?  How do we learn to be prejudiced?
How do negative and positive stereotypes harm people?  Give examples.
Have students discuss these questions in groups and then appoint a spokesperson to share ideas with the class.  

A Class Divided (Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes) 
This is one of the most requested programs in Frontline's history.  It is  about an Iowa  schoolteacher who, the day after Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered in 1968, gave her third-grade class a first-hand experience in the meaning of discrimination.  She alternately discriminated against children who had brown or blue eyes.  It is the story of what she taught the children, and the impact that lesson had on their lives. 

Legacies of Who We Are (9 minutes)
In this TEDX video, powerful story teller Awele Makeba tells a story from the civil rights movement about African Americans sitting in the back of the bus.  She ends the story with this comment: "Be the change you want to see in the world." 

The Myth of the Gay Agenda (17.52 minutes)
LZ Granderson gives a humorous talk on the absurdity of the idea that there is a "gay lifestyle" and a "gay agenda."  The gay agenda is merely equal rights as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.  I  highly recommend this one.  

Dove Beauty Pressure
This You Tube video shows the influence of the media on our self-image and self-esteem.  Having a good
self-image and good self-esteem is a prerequisite for appreciating diversity. 

Dove Beauty Evolution 
Watch as an ordinary woman is transformed through Photoshop to become a model for advertising.  It is
helpful in understanding how the media manipulates our impossible standards of beauty.   

Thinking Positively about the Future

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (6.42 minutes)
This featured TedX video is a good summary of Steven Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People which is summarized in this chapter. It provides some thought provoking ideas at the end of the semester.

Louie Schwartzberg on Gratitude (9.56 min)
This featured TedX video contains beautiful time lapse photography from around the world.  The message is that each day is a gift and the only response is gratefulness.  This video ties in with the theme of happiness in this chapter.

This video about a parking lot attendant who provides positive comments and affirmations along with the parking validation, inspires students to make positive comments about others and to smile and enjoy life.  It is 16 minutes long, but you can show the first four minutes and then have students make some positive comments about other students on the last day of class.  
 Faculty who have used this say it works great and is a good way to end the semester.

Simple Secrets to a Happy Life
This slide show has beautiful scenery and quotes on happiness from famous people.   


Native American Videos (for Native American College and Career Success)

History vs. Christopher Columbus  (5 min)
This short video examines the negative affect Christopher Columbus had on Native Americans and shows how a hero in one era can become a villain in another.  

Cree Prophecy, You Can't Eat Money

 Native American Words of Wisdom

  We Are Still Here--A Documentary on Today's Young Native Americans (2012)

 Native American Flute, "Celestial Dreamer,"  the Best of Douglas Blue

 Native American Legend on Mankind (Clip from the film, Apocalypto)

 Native American Indian Music, "Spirit of the Drum"

 Native American Boarding Schools

 The Invasion of America, How the United States Took Over an Eighth of the World 
This interactive map shows how the U.S. took Native lands from 1784 to the present along with information about treaties that resulted in loss of land. 

 Hopi Prophecy/Colores/New Mexico PBS (27.33 minutes)
This video discusses the Hopi prophecy of living in peace and harmony with nature and how this prophecy has been challenged by boarding school education,  strip mining the Black Mesa on the Hopi reservation, and government policies.  The elders believe that people should take care of the land according to the great spirit of nature.  There is a need to respect nature and the people who have respected nature.  Failure to do this can lead to the end of the world. 


Miscellaneous Movies:

This site has short movie clips that illustrate and inspire and there is free use for schools.  Search your topic by keyword.

Videos for First-Generation Students (about 4 minutes each)
Academic Culture Shock
Balancing Work and College Studies
Family Responsibilities
Peer Support
Living and Learning Communities
Becoming a Scholar   

A Vision of Students Today
This movie describes the New Millennial Student and problems in education today. 

The Halloween Movie, The Ghostly Car Ad
This will wake up your students!  Use it as a Halloween joke.  

Rita Pierson: Every Kid Needs a Champion
This inspirational video is a resource for professional development.  The central theme is helping students believe in themselves.