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Career Research

Personality Type, Matching Careers and Majors has a general description of each type and suggests some matching careers and majors.

The Occupational Outlook Quarterly is one of the best up-to-date references on occupational outlook and new careers.  It is published by the US Government Bureau of Labor Statistics.  This publication is now available online. 

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is one of my favorite sources of information on career outlook and salary.  It is useful for your career research paper. Click on Keyword Search which brings up a list of specific occupations.  Click on the occupation you are interested in and you will find a description of the career, educational requirements, salary and outlook.  Figures on salary and outlook are national figures.  Regional salary figures vary.

O*Net Online provides a list of careers that matches Holland's categories.  This information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics includes career information, salary and outlook.

Learn How to Become is a comprehensive site for career exploration including steps for reaching your goal, career information, colleges offering your degree, courses required, components of a successful career, salary information, employment statistics, and related careers. The Get Hired Tool Kit at this site has information that helps with the job hunt, interviewing tips, how to write a resume, and the veteran's guide for getting hired. The Career Resourcs features careers by categories such as green jobs, jobs with animals, outdoor jobs, and others.  

You're a What?
Looking for new ideas? This Occupational Outlook section asks workers in unusual occupations about their jobs, rewards, challenges, requirements and pay.  

The site, How to Become: Find Your Dream Career, has good information about job descriptions, education required, salary, job growth and resources.  It also contains a feature to search for colleges offering the degree in which you are interested. 

Visit the Career One Stop Center for occupational information.  Click on Occupational Information,  Occupational Profile and the career group that interests you.

The Sloan Career Cornerstone Center is a good resource for career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computing and healthcare:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is also available online at:

Find out what salary you will earn in your chosen occupation.  The salary wizard calculates your salary based on geographical area.  Links to job boards are included.

The Career Profiles site has information on career exploration, job search, resumes, interviews, career outlook and recession proof jobs.  It also lists the top jobs for 2014:

Career Satisfaction

This site provides good information about job satisfaction and finding a job you love:

STEM Careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

This site provides salary information for women in STEM careers and provides links to scholarships:

For information and homework help on stem subjects such as algebra, geometry, precalculus, calculus, physics, biology, chemistry, engineering, earth science, and computer science, visit the Physics Forum at:

A Guide for Women in Stem provides examples of STEM careers, scholarships, resources, and interviews with women in STEM careers.

Careers for Numbers People: STEM, Silicon Valley and Beyond has examples and salaries for students who are studying math.

College Success for Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) has scholarships, organizations and programs to help women in science fields:    


"How to Choose a Major: A Complete Guide" lists the steps to take in deciding on a major:

"What Career is Right for Me? provides a suggested map for making the best choice of a career:

Personality Type, Matching Careers and Majors has a general description of each type and suggests some matching careers and majors.

Payscale has a page, "Majors that Pay You Back," which lists the majors with the highest paying careers for 2023:

What can I do with a major in ___?   
Find what careers match your major from the Career Center at the University of North Carolina. 


Future Trends

The Occupational Outlook Handbook provides career search by pay, growth rate, and education required:

The O*Net Bright Outlook feature enables users to find occupations with a good outlook for the future.  Search for occupations which are expected to grow rapidly, have large numbers of openings, or are new and emerging occupations.

O*Net provides extensive references about the green economy and related green jobs.  It includes articles, books, trade publications, technical reports, and websites:  

See the article, "Top Jobs for the Future" at this site:


The site, "Making a Difference through Volunteering and Nonprofit Careers," describes the importance of volunteering, provides tips on how to get started, and has links to volunteer opportunities such as Americorps, the Peace Corp and much more.   

Resume and Cover Letter Templates

HumanEsources offers a free resume builder.

The Canva Resume Maker offers many free resume designs and is easy to use.

JobNexus provides a variety of free resume templates for Word or Google Drive.

Choose your template from a variety of examples and then create or upload your content:

This site has 114 templates depending on your experience and career.  You can upload your current resume into a suggested template and add suggested improvements.

Select templates and view samples of cover letters:

Create and post your resume online at Dick Bolles’ Job Hunter’s Bible site. He is famous for writing the career book, What Color is Your Parachute? Visit this site at:

Personal Branding is a free service that you can use to create your own personal website with tools to connecting to other social media.

Brand Yourself is a free Google service for creating your own personal website.

Haiku Deck can be used to make presentations online, including about yourself:

Decision Making

Learn more about effective decision-making techniques at:

Looking for a Job or Internship?

"Four Secrets That Will Improve Your Job Prospects" contains information on how you can show you are the best candidate for the job:

The Crushing the College Employment Hunt site has links to part time jobs, internships, jobs while studying abroad, jobs for graduates, and information on work study as well as balancing work, school, and life:

Students can begin preparing for their career and finding a job after graduation by using LinkedIn. View a video about how LinkedIn can help and find information about these topics: Profile Checklist, Using LinkedIn to Find a Job or Internship, How to Network on LinkedIn, Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn, Finding Your Career Passion, Building a Professional Network, Researching and Prepping for Interviews

The Indeed website lets you enter the job you are seeking and the city and it lists available jobs and internships:

Find a job using a job search engine.  Click this link for Best Job Search Engine Sites: 

Find job listings by city or postal code at

Looking for a part time job while in college? For online applications and interview tips go to:      

California Careers and Labor Market

Looking for a job in California?  The Indeed website lists California cities and jobs available:

Find information about the California Labor Market at:

This site has job outlook information for California Community College Occupational Education Programs:

Visit this site for additional self-assessment, a career matching assistant and a comprehensive list of careers and requirements: 

The California Occupational Information Site has videos, job descriptions and salary information for many occupations.  If you have trouble downloading the videos, they are also available in the Career Center.   Ask for the Golden State Career Videos on CD Rom.  This site also has a career planning guide, labor market information, career assessments and help with resume and interview preparation.

The California Job Search Guide from your public libraries is another good source of information on job trends, growing occupations, good pay without a BA, best places to live and what careers you can enter with different majors.

Another of my favorite sources is the Employment Development Department website.  This site has California information which should be more accurate for San Diego and is a great resource for your career research paper.  Click on Occupational and Career Information and then California Occupational Guides.  You will find a description of the career, working conditions, California employment outlook, training required, salary and addresses for more information on the career.