Student Comments about CollegeScope

College and Career Success Online is a lot better than a book because it's easy to access, a lot more affordable and better than carrying a book to school every day.

I liked that we learned a lot about who we are, how we learn, our personality and our health. 

I think the text is well-organized and well-written with really nice inspirational quotes and examples anyone can relate to.

What I liked most about the text was the TruTalent Personality Assessment.

The content is easy to read and easy to understand.
I think the text was very beneficial to my college success and is an ideal guide for any student entering college.  It was cheaper than the average college textbook. 
The information is excellent and the work is not difficult.  It doesn't overload you with material. 
I liked how it was online rather than reading from a book. 

It was easier to follow than a regular textbook.  It's convenient because there is no paper involved. 
It was helpful because the quizzes and questions refreshed my memory about what I had just read. 

I like the text because is makes me improve my reading. 

It's cool that you can have it for life so you can go back to it in the future.
I actually liked the text a lot because I hate carrying books.  I was able to do my work at a friend's house even if I didn't have my book and binders. 
The information was constructed to fit my needs and personality type.

It's very direct and to the point! 
I liked the way the quizzes and journals were set up.

I liked how the text was self-paced. 

I can always refer to it later in life for guidance and to see how I have changed.
It liked how the text makes you think and ponder what you have just read and then you can write your own thoughts in the journal entries. 

The text opened my eyes about my personality type and what types of careers would be best for me. 

It showed my a new perspective on life-that it is never too late to achieve your dreams.