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The 5th Edition of College and Career Success is available for summer/fall 2011.

This comprehensive text focuses on college, career and lifelong success. 

Outstanding Features:
College and Career Success Textbook
·                Revised journal entries
   There are now only 5 journal entries per chapter.  Topic sentences, brief outlines and
        scaffolding are provided to help students with writing skills. 

·                Updated career trends
Green jobs”, jobs in technology and social media, healthcare and e-commerce are included. 

·                New Career Interest Profiler
This assessment helps students to identify their vocational interests and matching careers.

·                DWYA and PEPS
 Personality and learning style assessments are still included. 

·                Strengths-based focus
          Students build on their strengths by exploring their personality, values, interests and multiple intelligences.

·                Development of self-responsibility
     Students create their future by making good career choices, setting goals for the future and managing time effectively to reach their goals.

·                Emphasis on positive thinking and hope for the future
         Students are successful by developing optimism, hope and future-

·                Motivational quotes
      Motivation quotes in the margins provide inspiration.  

·                Humor
   Cartoons are included to
emphasize important topics.

·                Developing your e-learning style
There are new sections to help students to learn online. 

·                New graphics
    The new edition contains added graphics and color
to illustrate major points and enhance visual learning.

·                New chapter order
Based on the faculty survey of suggested new changes, the chapters have been reorganized into the following sections.  The rationale
          for the reorganization is that students are motivated to be successful in college if they have made a good choice of a major and career,
          therefore the career chapters come first. 


Career Success College Success Lifelong Success
Chapter 1: Understanding Motivation Chapter 6: Managing Time and Money Chapter 10: Communication and Relationships
Chapter 2: Exploring Your Personality and Major Chapter 7: Improving Memory and Reading Chapter 11: Thinking Critically and Creatively
Chapter 3: Learning Style and Intelligence Chapter 8: Taking Notes, Writing and Speaking Chapter 12: Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
Chapter 4: Exploring Interests and Values Chapter 9: Test Taking Chapter 13: Appreciating Diversity
Chapter 5: Planning Your Career and Education   Chapter 14: Thinking Positively about the Future

Contact Deb Roth for an instructor copy: droth@kendallhunt.com