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Matching Learning Outcomes and Objectives to
College and Career Success, Concise Version, by Dr. Marsha Fralick 

Materials for Human Development 0330 (HUMD 0330):

Student Learning Outcomes and Objectives

Syllabus Template

Quick Start Guide 1 with Topics in Chapter Order
This guide includes course topics and supporting materials which follow the chapter order of College and Career Success, Concise Version.  It is recommended that the career assessment and career topics be moved earlier to give advisors more time and resources to help students complete their educational plans based on students' career goals. 

Quick Start Guide 2 with Course Topics in Specified Order
This guide includes the course topics in the order specified with supporting material from College and Career Success, Concise Version.

PowerPoint September 14 textbook competition (without video for faster download)

Materials for Education 1300 (EDUC 1300)

Student Learning Outcomes and Supporting Materials from CollegeScope or College and Career Success (full edition) by Dr.  Marsha Fralick