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Do What You Are (DWYA) is a Personality assessment based on Jungian typology.  It identifies these dimensions of personality: Introvert, Extravert, Sensing, Intuitive, Thinking, Feeling, Judging and Perceptive.  It helps students to identify their natural preferences, gifts and talents.  This information helps students increase self-understanding and enhances personal development. 

Personality type is a key theme in all of my student success materials. It is integrated into CollegeScope and available through an online access code in all of my printed textbooks.  It is used to help students:

The format is unique in that it is based on college scenarios rather than choosing between word pairs.  Different college student scenarios are described and students and asked to choose which scenario is most like them. 

There is a strong link between personality type and careers.  The DWYA assessment connects students to careers matching their personality types and interests.  Students can research these careers using the O'Net career database which is integrated into the program. 

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