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New Faculty Training July 30, 2009

Before the training, please contact the Sue Saunders to obtain you CollegeScope account.  You can contact her at  Please watch this short video on how to log into your account for the first time:
               Video: How to log in for the first time and start the assessments (2 minutes)

Agenda for New Faculty Training


User's Manual
     Do What You Are Handbook
     Psychometric Report  


Common Student Problems and Easy Solutions

Exercise Files

     Personality Checklist

     Paper Airplane Exercise

     Life Stories

     Job Jar Activity    



CSUCI Training Files 2007

PowerPoint Presentation

Handout with Exercises

Exercise Files

    Assess Your Personality

    Personality Preferences

    Success Wheel

    Measure Your Success


    Values Auction

Revised Syllabus