Student Resources

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Journal Entries
The Journal Entries provide a way for students to make personal connections to the material and to apply the concepts learned in the text.  Journal entries in Word format are provided for student convenience.   

Sample Chapters
The first chapter of each textbook is provided to help students who are having financial difficulties to get started on time.

College and Career Success, 7th Edition (includes both the full and concise editions)
Chapter 1: Motivation
Chapter 2: Exploring Your Personality and Major

 College and Career Success, 6th Edition:
Chapter 1, Motivation

 Chapter 2, Exploring Your Personality and Major

 College and Career Success, 6th Edition Concise:
Chapter 1, Getting Started

 College and Career Success, 5th Edition
Chapter 1, Motivation

 College and Career Success, 5th Edition Concise
 Chapter 1, Getting Started

 Native American College and Career Success
 Chapter 1, Motivation

 Career Success 
 Chapter 1, Create Your Success
 Chapter 2, Exploring Your Personality and Major 

Best Ideas for Improving Study Skills
Here are some of my best ideas for improving your study skills:
 Know Your Learning Style
 Manage Your Time
 Improve Your Memory
 Read to Remember
 Improve Your Writing
 Prepare for Tests

Internet Links
If you want any additional information on college success, take a look at these useful online resources.  There are links for each chapter in the text. 

Career Research
Use these links to do career research for your class projects.

Health Information
Use these links for your class projects.  Find information on longevity, general health information, avoiding addictive behaviors, getting enough sleep and relaxation. 

Student Comments about CollegeScope

Save Money on Buying Textbooks
This link has many resources for buying used or low cost text books.  Be careful buying used textbooks that have single use access codes or other essential supplementary materials.  

Contact the Author if you have suggestions for improving any of these materials.