College and Career Success, 5th and 6th Editions
Native American College and Career Success
Custom Editions
The following is a library of PowerPoint slides on all the major points in the material.  Be selective in choosing the slides and customize them to match your teaching style and your students.  For online classes, delete the slides that refer to classroom exercises.  These slides will work with PowerPoint 2003-2010. Note that the slides have been updated as of December, 2013.  and include revised information on the value of a college degree and career trends.  The content is different from previous editions. It is best to use the updated slides.  If you are using a previous edition, just let your students know that the content is updated.    

Be careful not to use too many slides in your presentation.  See this page, How to Avoid Killing Your Students with PowerPoint, for some tips on how to use PowerPoint successfully. 

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Introductory Activities 

Introducing the Assessments
Use the above file for College and Career Success and all custom printed editions.  
Getting Started with CollegeScope
The above file introduces students to the e-text, CollegeScope, and helps them navigate the program.  It also introduces
     them to the assessments.  
Understanding Motivation

Career Success
Exploring Your Personality and Major
Learning Style and Intelligence
Exploring Interests and Values
Planning Your Career and Education


College Success
Managing Time and Money
Improving Memory and Reading
Taking Notes, Writing and Speaking
Test Taking 


Lifelong Success
Communication and Relationships
Thinking Critically and Creatively
Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
Appreciating Diversity
Thinking Positively about the Future

PowerPoint for College and Career Success,

6th Edition Concise

Introducing the Assessments
Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Exploring Your Personality and Major
Chapter 3: Learning Style and Intelligence
Chapter 4: Managing Time and Money
Chapter 5: Improving Memory and Reading
Chapter 6: Taking Notes, Writing and Speaking
Chapter 7: Test Taking
Chapter 8: Thinking Positively about the Future
New!  PowerPoint for Career Success    
Chapter 1: Create Your Success
Chapter 2: Exploring Your Personality and Major
Chapter 3: Exploring Interests and Values
Chapter 4: Exploring Your Multiple Intelligences
Chapter 5: Planning Your Career and Education
Chapter 6: Updated Job Search Strategies

Jeopardy Game PowerPoint
This fun game can be used to review any topics in the text.  Just replace the questions in the game with your own questions.  Click on the money box to open the question.  Clicking anywhere else on the screen advances the slide and shows the answer.  Clicking on the Jeopardy logo takes you back to the money grid.  (Contributed by Alex Woodland, Thomas Nelson Community College) 

Jeopardy Game PowerPoint Health
Here is a jeapardy game for the health chapter courtesy of Paul Delys at Cuyamaca College.