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Instructor's Manual
College and Career Success, 5th and 6th Editions
Native American College and Career Success

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The Instructor's Manual contains suggestions for teaching the material in each chapter, student handouts and practical exercises for involving students in learning in traditional, blended and online courses. 
Introductory Activities

Understanding Motivation

Getting Started

Career Success

Exploring Your Personality and Major

Learning Style and Intelligence

Exploring Interests and Values

Planning Your Career and Education

College Success

Managing Time and Money

Improving Memory and Reading

Taking Notes, Writing and Speaking

Test Taking 
Lifelong Success

Communication and Relationships

Thinking Critically and Creatively

 Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

 Appreciating Diversity

 Thinking Positively about the Future

Career Success Cover Instructor's Manual for
Career Success

Chapter 1:
Create Your Success
Chapter 2:
Exploring Your Personality and Major
Chapter 3:
Exploring Interests and Values
Chapter 4:
Exploring Your Multiple Intelligences
Chapter 5:
Planning Your Career and Education
Chapter 6:
Updated Job Search Strategies 

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