Faculty Resources

    Instructor's Manual and Test Bank 
The Instructor's Manual contains suggestions for teaching the material in
    each chapter and practical exercises for involving students in learning in
    traditional, blended and online courses. The test bank contains exam questions and exams.

    Resource pages with all the resources for each text on one page:

College and Career Success, 6th Edition Resource Page

College and Career Success, Concise Edition, Resource Page

Career Success Resource Page 

Native American College and Career Success Resource Page

CollegeScope Resource PageCollegeScope is an interactive online college and career success textbook)

These are files or links to videos for use in classroom or online instruction. 

  Internet Links
A list of related links is available for each topic in the textbooks.  

There is a library of PowerPoint slides for each chapter in the textbooks.

Sample Chapters
Chapter 1 of each of the textbooks is provided online to help students who are having financial difficulties start on time.

Online Teaching
Be a guest in my online class and access additional resources for teaching online. 

CollegeScope Interactive Online Textbook
CollegeScope includes an online portfolio with career assessments and student work.  The online edition is available for College and Career Success, College and Career Success Concise, and Career Success.  

For a quick demo of CollegeScope, follow these directions:
Go to:  www.collegescope.com/guest
Log in as:  staff@mycollege.edu

Use this password:  success
Click on Sample Chapters, My Students, His/Her Chapters and View Results to view key components of the program.

For a quick demo of CollegeScope, Career Edition, follow these directions:
Go to: www.collegescope.com/careeredition
Log in as: staffsample@hes.com
Use this password: careerdemo
Click on Sample Chapters, My Students, His/Her Chapters and View Results to view key components of the program. 

    Contact Carla Lundman at HumanEsources (carlal@humanesources.com) for  a free CollegeScope faculty account.    

Journal Entries
Access Word files of all the journal entries for student convenience.   

Grading the Journal Entries 
Include a Grading Rubric or Sample Journal Entries in your syllabus.

Student Learning Outcomes
These documents include student learning outcomes, objectives, recommended 
activities, and assessments for each chapter.

 College and Career Success, 6th Edition
 College and Career Success, 6th Edition Concise
 College and Career Success, 5th Edition and Native American College and Career Success
 Career Success 

Abbreviated Student Learning Outcomes
For course outlines, student learning outcomes are sometimes limited to 3-4 outcomes.  Here are the abbreviated student learning outcomes for your course outline or syllabus:

 College and Career Success, Native American College and Career Success
 College and Career Success, Concise Edition
 Career Success

Student Learning Outcomes (for your syllabus)
Here is a more complete list of student learning outcomes for your syllabus.      

Do What You Are (DWYA) Personality Assessment 
This page includes features, the User's Manual, Psychometric Report, a link to classroom exercises and additional resources.   

Productivity Environmental Preference Survey (PEPS)
This page includes features and a link to related classroom exercises. 

The MI Advantage
This page includes features and a link to related classroom exercises.

Assignments for Students
These files are guided writing assignments that are useful for new students and 
students who may lack writing skills.  These assignments are suggested as the
major projects in the course:
 My Personality
 Career Research
 How to Change a Habit
 Health Improvement

Additional assignments, handouts and activities are available in the Instructor Manual.  

Click the above link to view essential components of a syllabus and view some samples syllabi for traditional, blended and online courses. 


  Research on Student Success
View significant research articles and resources for student success by Dr. Fralick and others. 

  Research on Motivating High Risk Developmental Students 
  Research, Millennials in Adulthood, Detached from Institutions, Networked with Friends, March 7, 2014, Pew Research Center      

Teaching Tips for Faculty
This document is helpful to anyone teaching for the first time or wanting to enhance their teaching skills. 
Tips for Engaging Students in Learning

This document provides quick strategies for engaging students in learning.   

Student Discipline
Read the article, "Students 101," by Sven Arvidson on how to tailor your teaching to the interrupter, the hijacker and other familiar types.     

Course Outline
A sample course outline with student learning outcomes is available.

Training Notes for Colleges
View the training notes, handouts and PowerPoint presentations for training sessions at your college.     

Conference Presentations
View PowerPoint presentations for national and international conferences presented by Dr. Marsha Fralick.